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Our Fast, Reliable Emergency Tire Replacement Team Can Change Out Tires for Stranded Motorists From and Around Bedford, VA

Our roadside service team delivers and installs batteries. 

Need a flat tire replaced right away? Do not attempt to drive your car while the tires are flat! Instead, reach out to Big Toe Towing and Recovery. We can change out your flat tire, giving you time to get to an expert and repair it. We primarily assist stranded motorists with our professional emergency tire repair services in and around Bedford, VA.

What to Do When You Get a Flat Tire While Driving

What do you do if you get a flat tire while driving? The first thing you must do is turn to the side of the road safely. Turn on your hazard lights then set up your early warning device. 


Next, assess the situation. See how many of your tires got damaged and see if you can identify the cause. Afterward, check your spare tire. See if it’s properly inflated and in good condition for a tire change service.


Finally, go back inside the car and call our 24-hour tire service crew to change out your flat tire. State your location and listen for further instructions. We will be there to provide you with professional flat tire service ASAP.

Call Our Flat Tire Service Team for Immediate Roadside Assistance

Get in touch with us at (434) 665-7610. Our flat tire service team is available 24/7 to take on urgent requests. Whether you ran over sharp debris or forgot to inflate the tires properly, we’ve got you covered. 

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Mary Margaret Allegro Avatar
Mary Margaret Allegro
11/13/2020 - Google

Carson was our driver. We got the tow via AAA...first group wouldn't come...Big Toe did and he was super... read more

Skyler Lambert Avatar
Skyler Lambert
8/27/2020 - Google

Big Toe was excellent. After my mother's car was towed, I called Big Toe to obtain some information. They were... read more

Cynthia Meredith Avatar
Cynthia Meredith
7/27/2020 - Google

Very courteous.

Desiree' Hairston Avatar
Desiree' Hairston
6/27/2020 - Google

I would recommend this service anyday great service and very professional

  • Brandon was great! Very knowledgeable and helpful during a stressful situation.

    Travis Burns
  • They were good and professional!

    Starling Crews
  • Norman Mays
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