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Auto Repair Services

Our Auto Repair Team From Bedford, VA Does Everything From Coolant Flushing to Transmission Repairs

Our roadside service team delivers and installs batteries. 

Big Toe Towing and Recovery is a full-service auto repair crew available to motorists from and around Bedford, VA 24/7. What sets us apart from the rest is our versatility. Clients come to us for an array of services including: 

  • brake repair 
  • car engine repair 
  • transmission repair 
  • tire alignment 
  • stick inspection 
  • tune-up and diagnostics 
  • oil change service
  • tire repair
  • car repair
  • transmission repair
  • engine repair

What to Do if Your Car Is Malfunctioning and Won’t Run Properly

Don’t drive your car if you’re not confident it’s running properly. Otherwise, you’ll compromise your safety and those of everyone inside the vehicle. 


What you should first do is turn to the side of the road and set up your early warning device sign. Then, do a quick walkaround and inspection. Once you’ve gotten an idea of what’s wrong, contact a trusted auto mechanic at Big Toe Towing and Recovery. State your findings, location, and then wait for further instructions. 

Our Auto Repair Service Team Is Available 24/7

Whether your car needs new brakes or transmission repair, we’ve got you covered. You can reach us at (434) 665-7610 for emergency roadside assistance. Our car maintenance service crew is ready to be dispatched any time, any day. Just tell us what you need, where you are at the time of your call, and wait for further instructions. 

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